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Sustainability has been and always will be at the centre of the brand, with everything we do and make working towards a more eco friendly world of fashion.

But there is no point in us giving you the sustainability spiel because you've heard it all before. Instead, we are going to hit you with some straight facts: 

1. All of our clothing is handmade by a small team on the Isle of Wight

2.  Our sustainable range is made from a fully biodegradable and compostable fabric, made using environmentally responsible processes

3. Our up-cycled range is made created 100% from unwanted and handed down items - we don't buy in bulk!

4. We make all of our collections in small numbers to reduce waste from unsold items and to keep the products unique

5. We keep 100% of our scraps and waste fabric and constantly work to come up with new and inventive ways of using them = 0 waste brand !



Our Fabric


This fabric is created by environmentally responsible processes.

The wood is sourced from sustainable forests which means they are managed to support future generations whilst supplying jobs 

The fabric is both biodegradable and compostable

- Wood is broken down using an NMMO process

- What is that?

-An NMMO process breaks down the wood using a chemical reaction and water. Compared to traditional processing of fabrics, this is a closed-loop solvent system meaning 99% OF THE SOLVENT IS RECYCLED over and over to continue producing the fibres

To create the fabric:


If you no longer want your items, please look to clothes banks, charity shops or family and friends!

Or feel free to send back to us and we can up-cycle into new items!

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However, if lyocell doesnt seem like the material for you, please head to our Up-cycling collections, there are many ways to encourage a sustainable economy through clothing

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